Present Continuous (1)

Observe the following picture.

In the garden, what are they doing?

What are the people in the picture doing?

Yes, you are right. They are gardening.

What about this picture?

She is sleeping.

What is the woman doing?

Yep, she is sleeping.

OK, the last one. Is he reading a comic?

No. He is not reading a comic. He is reading a newspaper.

OK. Now, let’s see what Present Continuous is.

When you want to talk about what is happening right now, or at the moment of speaking, you use Present Continuous.

The form is simple : TO BE (is, am, are) plus VERB-ING.

Examples are:

  • You are now learning about Present Continuous.
  • The sun is shining so brightly right now.
  • At the moment, my mother is cooking in the kitchen.

When you want to make negative sentences, just add NOT after TO BE, and don’t forget to still use VERB-ING.

Negative: TO BE + NOT + VERB-ing.

  • You are not taking a bath.  You are acessing the Internet.
  • My father is not working right now because it is Sunday.
  • The cats are not eating the fish.  They are sleeping under my bed.

To make questions, put TO BE before the SUBJECT or after the QUESTION WORD.

  • Are you drinking a coffee?
  • Where is your daughter playing right now?
  • Is your horse sleeping in the stable?
  • Is your sister watching TV in the living room?

Of course, it often appears with adverbs such as now, right now, at the moment, and at present.

Any questions? Please leave your comments.

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    well thats a perfect way to teach english,that lesson actually is very clear to understand and i tink that many people that want to learn english can find it useful for them…

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