Present Simple (1)

What do you do everyday? Think about your activities.

OK, let’s see:

You wake up at 5. Then, you take a bath and, next, have your breakfast. After that, you go to school, or university, and then you go back home at about 2 in the afternoon. Do you take a rest afterward? What time do you usually take a bath again? Well, what do you do at night? You watch TV till 10 at night, then you go to sleep.

Well, that is your daily activities.

Now, let’s see our new friend’s, Liza’s, daily activities.

Lizas image


Liza gets up at 5 in the morning. After she prays, she takes a bath. Then, she has her breakfast–her favorite is sandwich–and after that she goes to her campus. She studies at campus from 9 to 1. She usually takes the public car to go home. At home, in the afternoon, she usually helps her mother prepare the dinner. At about 6, after she takes a bath, she usually reads and prepares for tomorrow’s lesson. She likes watching TV at night (she is a fan of Smallvile). Well, usually she reads before sleeping. She loves reading novels.

So, do you pay attention to the words in bold?

Well, both texts use SIMPLE PRESENT. You use it to tell:

  • daily habit or activity
    I wake up at 5 every morning.
    My father does not read newspaper in the morning.
    My uncle usually goes back home at 7.
  • facts or truth
    Water freezes at 0 Celcius and boils at 100.
    A cat does not eat vegetable because it is a carnivore.
    Most Indonesian people eat rice as their staple food.
  • general things or information
    My father likes listening to country music.
    Do you believe in ghosts?
    What do you play in your band?

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