Simple Past – POSITIVE

What did you do last night?

A Kid Reading in Bed

I read some books.  After that I watched a serial on my laptop.  Before I slept, I read a comic.

Well, look at the words in bold.  They are all in their past form.

When we want to tell events or actions in the past, we use SIMPLE PAST.

Study these examples:

  • Yesterday, my mom cooked me my favorite meal: chicken noodle.
  • Last week, the students visited Prambanan Temple in Jogja.
  • In 1945, Indonesia got its independence.
  • We studied English yesterday.

There are two types of past verbs: REGULAR and IRREGULAR.

For REGULAR verbs, we add -d/-ed to make the past form.

study — studied, visit – visited, close — closed, open — opened.

IRREGULAR verbs do not have any special patterns.  Below are some of them.

cut – cut , sleep – slept , read – read , get – got , keep – kept , do – did , go – went.

If you want to know more about irregular verbs, you can check this link, this one, or this one :).

OK, I’ll give you some more examples.

  • My brother went to church last Sunday.
  • We prayed before we slept last night.
  • This morning I ate a sandwich and drank some milk.
  • When I was 10, I liked to play with my friends in the yard behind my home.
  • My friends came to my birthday party and we had a really great time.

See the word in pink?  Yes.  It is the past form of TO BE.  We have am, is, and are for present, and for past, we have was and were.  Read these examples.

  • Last night, I was in my friend’s home.
  • Yesterday, we were very happy when we were at Ambarukmo Plaza.
  • Mymother was in the kitchen this morning when you came.
  • The students were in Computer Lab this morning, so the classroom was empty.

More?  Well, wait for my next post… 🙂

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    That was quite interesting. Of course we already know these tenses but it/s good you share them online for other Non English speakers. Thanks and more power to you! Would link this to my site!

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