Hi all!

Let me tell you something…

Heacy Rain CLipart

Last night, it was very cold.  It rained heavily.

Well, I did not go anywhere.  I only stayed at home.

My girlfriend did not phone me.  Poor me.

I did not watch the television;  there was a blackout!

It was a sad night.

So those sentences tell what I did not do last night.

Look at the red words.  They indicate past tense.

When you make NEGATIVE sentences in past tense, you use DID not.

What about the blue verbs?  Yes.  When we use DID not, we no longer use the past form of the verbs.

Okay, now, how do we make question with past simple?

Simply, you put the DID before the subject, or after any question words (if you use them).

Study the following examples.

  • Did you sleep well last night?
  • Did you buy any eggs from the supermarket?
  • Did you enjoy your holiday?
  • What did you do this morning?
  • Where did you go last Sunday?
  • Why did you cry yesterday?

Again, all verbs are in their base form; you no longer use the past simple form in negatives and questions.

Do you want to try some exercises?

Download this file.

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