For teachers!


This page is designed specially for teachers. You can find useful links or references on English Language, grammar, textbooks, and others.

Please feel free to visit each site, and make use of  it for the sake of your teaching and learning process.

If you find any difficulties, please leave your comments or e-mail me :

Useful sites


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  1. 1

    Lilia said,

    A nice appetizer for us as teachers…

    Hi Danny could you give me more information about useful links, website address, or other things that can help me in teaching grammar, reading, translation, morphology, listening an writing especially genre. The material is most required. O yeah how about on line dictionary that can be downloaded freely for my college students.

    Grateful thanks

  2. 2

    maryam said,

    it was nice for teachers

  3. 3

    laila said,

    I thought the exposition on the mobile phones was great! I wish I could get my children to write like that all the time. Sigh.

    • 4

      dankuur said,

      Hai Laila.
      You can challenge them by giving the topics/ideas and help them in developing their essays. I always guide them and give them some consultation time. So they have the chance to revise their work, or writing their draft, before submitting their final essay. 🙂

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