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Exposition: A Sample Essay

Below is an example of exposition. A simple one.

Mobile Phones and the Benefits

People used to send letters to communicate with others, and then Graham Bell invented telephone which make communication easier. When mobile phones were created, it became much easier to contact people living far away from your place. Nowadays, more and more people have their own mobile phones, gadgets that apparently become must-to-have ones. It is undoubted that mobile phones have bring some benefits for people life.

First of all, communication is much easier and faster with the aid of mobile phones. While letters may take days or even weeks to reach the addressee, you can just call someone in a second with mobile. If you know the number of the person you are going to call, then it is very easy to make a call. You do not need to get the operator to put you through the people you want to talk with. Making an overseas call is also easy and fast using mobile phones. Even nowadays, you can use the 3G-call in which you can see what the person you are talking to is doing.

Cell Phone in your Hand

Next, mobile phones, or cell phones, enable us to send text-message, a useful service that is popular not only among young people but also adults. Although limited to a number of characters, text message is often cheaper than making a phone call. If you want to send short information, or get to know what your friends are doing, then you can just text them. With MMS, you can also send pictures, voices and other multi-media files within your message. It is indeed fun to text-message.

Another reason is that mobile phones also provide entertainment. When you are bored and you want to listen to music, you can play it from your cell. Also, consider playing games with your mobiles; it is very fun and refreshing for your tiring day. Many cells now also have camera that enables you to take picture anywhere. In addition, some types of the phones also have the Net connection service. So, you can browse and go online with your mobiles.

More and more companies are competing to invent their new types of cells which offer many facilities and services. It is because, as we see, mobile phones, as a part of our lifestyle,  give us many advantages.


  1. In the first paragraph, we have what is so called as Thesis Statement (the sentence in bold); it contains your main topic you are discussing (here, mobile phones) and a controling idea (bring some benefits).
  2. In the next three paragraphs (second to fourth), each contains a topic sentence that control and focus your discussion in each. Still, the topic sentence also has its topic (mobile phones) and controlling idea (easy and fast communication, text-message service, entertainment provided in mobile phones). The topic sentence.

    : each topic sentence should relate to and develop the supports for your Thesis Statement. Also, each paragraph should only talk about the topic sentence. Do not go beyond what the topic sentence suggests.
  3. A concluding paragraph summarize your discussion, and it restates your Thesis Statement. Do not just rewrite or copy your Thesis Statement, but try to express the same idea using different sentence. It is also important that you do not bring or suggest another new topic in your conclusion.

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